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Pro Tools Pre-release Available for Leopard

By C. Steve | May 30, 2008

PT 7.4 logoWell now, that was quick. No sooner had I posted about Digidesign’s progress with OS X 10.5 (Leopard) than the company released Leopard-compatible versions of all three flavors of Pro Tools version 7.4.2pr for download. The pr stands for pre-release, and that tells me it’s not a good idea to put this software on a “money machine” that needs to be completely reliable, all of the time. Of course the same could be said for Leopard, but now that it’s in its fourth iteration I might be ready to install it. Maybe.

But if you’re running Leopard then there’s no longer any reason not to try out Pro Tools in a non-mission critical environment. Just don’t load it on a machine and try to record an audition that has to reach your agent today. You’ll probably be sorry, and I don’t want to hear about it. Here’s the link:

Pro Tools Pre-release Available for Mac OS X Leopard Users

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