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Seagate publishes fixes for “bricked” drives — updated

By C. Steve | January 30, 2009

Seagate has now published firmware updates that will repair any of their drives that have failed. You can find out how to deal through Seagate support on their forum here. Or you can download the firmware as well as check the serial number of your drive to see if it’s affected right here.

For those of you on Mac computers, the folks at xlr8yourmac.com have published a helpful guide for dealing with 7200.11 Seagates on Macintoshes (since the Seagate fixes assume you’re using a PeeCee). You can find that information here.

Meanwhile, Seagate is now selling 7200.12 series hard drives. Hopefully these have firmware that doesn’t contain a time-bomb. We can go back to trusting them above all others, amen.

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