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Mac OSX 10.4.9 makes trouble with some Audio Units

By C. Steve | April 5, 2007

Some plug-in developers, notably Waves and Ohm Boyz, have issued warnings against installing Mac OSX version 10.4.9.

Seems that Apple included the auval program from the upcoming Leopard (10.5) in version 10.4.9. The auval program validates Audio Unit plug-ins before installing them. This new version of auval is evidently more rigorous than previous versions, and some otherwise perfectly good plugs fail and can become unavailable for use.

If you’ve already installed version 10.4.9, the workaround is to acquire the older auval program and install it over the new version.

It’s yet another reason to turn off all automatic updates, on both PeeCees and Macs. Updating a working computer with new software always a bit risky, and doing so while in the middle of a project is suicidal.

Check for updates manually, and don’t install them without doing some homework first. The only exception is security-related updates (particularly for Windows). But even with those I like to check the web to see if anyone is having troubles before I install.

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