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From the DUC: Access violation. What is it and why do i get it?

By C. Steve | December 13, 2007

More than once since I upgraded to Pro Tools LE version 7.4, I find I am unable to save and quit due to something called an Access Violation. The only remedy is to perform a Save As, saving the session file with a different name. Occasionally even that doesn’t work, and I have to quit without saving. Distressing, to be sure.

I don’t understand why this happens, and Digidesign isn’t certain either. The most likely cause is an out-of-date plug-in or part of the PT application trying to access some memory location that is not available or just flat doesn’t exist.

The good news is that Digidesign feels our pain. Seems that instead of just quitting when this happens (as pre-7.4 versions did), PT now logs the error state, and you’re supposed to send the finished log to Digi. Meanwhile, look for outdated plugs, corrupted fonts, and other system errors.

The entire post can be found on the DUC here.

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